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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting Tool is a solution to get rid of from the long, complex URL as it helps out to convert your long URL into smaller one. Long URL is extremely intricate as well as difficult to bookmark this URL. As some bookmarking sites have word limits so these complicated dynamic URLs are not perfect for those particular sites.

For search engine ranking checking small static URLs are favorable. Even the visitors as SEO professionals prefer a short URL as it easy to peruse and user-friendly. End users can simply memorize static short URLs. Static URL from the URL rewriting tool reaches the better rank in the search engine results. As internet user is keen to use a static URL so if you are using a URL rewriting tool to alter dynamic URL into static URLs then it facilitates to increase traffic and draw the attention of more audience.

URL Rewriting Tool is incredibly user-friendly as it is easy to use, you just copy the long URL and paste it into the box then press submit button to get the static URL. You can enhance the operating speed of your business as well as a personal website with these static URLs. URL Rewriting Tool is free and this tool is swift to create short URLs within seconds. Try it today!