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About URL Rewriting Tool

The URL of any website plays an important role as the URL comprises of the services as well as the keyword of business. Many users prefer static URLs then the dynamic ones that mean short URL then the longer URL. It is easy to achieve good ranking in the different search engines with the static URL. For this, we have a URL rewriting tool that converts elongated links into small links.

URL Rewriting Tool is extremely easy to use as there is no need for any registration it is absolutely free. This tool is very efficient, which quickly generates a short URL within seconds. Long URL is very difficult to index so mostly Google prefers these shorter URL for indexing and Google spiders crawl this type of website quickly.

There is no need of any special training to operate this tool as in this you just insert the URL you want to convert and then press submit button and get the static links easily without any trouble.

Static links are user-friendly as it ranks better in popular search engines. Even shorter URL is easy to bookmark and also boosts operating speed. Website having static links is easy to develop as well as reasonable to host. Static websites are easy to update and require less bandwidth so use this and enhance the performance of your website.