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About Word Counter

Word Counter is an innovation of Smart SEO Toolz. This is a free tool which calculates the number of words and characters. This is extremely easy to use as you can just place your pointer in the text box and start typing, or even you can copy data from the desired location and paste it into the text box.

Word Counter is a very beneficial tool for the content writer as well as who have writing work. As it makes very easy to count words and character in extremely less time. This handy Word Counter tool operates in all familiar web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. By this tool, you can the count number of words and characters add to or reduce as you type, delete, and even correct it according to the requirement. In some cases when writing anything we exceed the limit but with word counter, you can manage the accurate word.

If you are a proficient content writer who write articles daily or for the student who writes Essay or if you are a social media devotee who adores posting on FB, tweeting so in all cases word count is vital and this word count is helpful to write in the word limit. The counter will be updated immediately, show the number of characters and words.

One question always arises in everyone’s mind why to prefer this tool so, on the internet numerous word count tool are available, but Word Counter is user-friendly and extremely convenient to use. You must try this one as it is very helpful.