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About Google Index Checker

Indexing by Google (and other major search engines like yahoo or bing) is quite an important term in search engine optimization. As indexing puts a great impact on the website ranking.  The more the number of indexed pages you have, the better the SEO(search engine optimization) you'll have on your website. Pages that aren’t indexed, can’t rank in search engines (or SERPs).

Google index checker tool powered by smart SEO toolz is extremely helpful for a lot of website owners, webmasters, freelancers and SEO experts because it helps to tell them how many of their website pages have been indexed by the Google crawler.

The usage of this Google index checker tool is quite an easy job. You just need to enter your website URL into the given text box. After that, click on the “Submit” button. The tool will show you the result, which contains the information of domain name and the total number of pages that are Google indexed.

No signup is needed for using this tool online. No captcha is there to fill in. Very fast tool, that shows an appropriate result for the domain.